Positive Parenting - Real Way to Discipline the Kids

It can be quite tough for the parents to remain patient and lenient when children start to misbehave. This is the reason that even the most patient people start to lose it when they consistently see their kids throwing tantrums.

The parents tend to remain peaceful and quite but then there comes a stage when they say it loud and clear to keep the mouth shut. Nevertheless, this very act disqualifies parents for being called positive parents.

So, it is worth mentioning what the positive parenting really is. It basically involves mutual respect between parents and the kids. Kids may be trying hard to push the buttons of their parents but parents can remain calm in order to learn more the patterns and develop a strategy to calmly distract the children from such misbehaviors.

With that said, below mentioned are few parenting tips which can really help the parents to remain positive.

Focus on the reasons
Rather than keeping mum in a purposeless way only to get filled up with the anger and then act out, you can actually think about the reason behind kid’s misbehavior. You need to keep it in mind that child must have some reason which he thinks as quite valid for the misbehavior he is showing at the moment. Being a parent, you wouldn’t find it much difficult to address the cause properly. That might not solve the issue for kid but your kid will certainly feel being understood. Sometime, feeling understood is enough for the kid to abandon misbehavior.

Disciplining the kid is very important aspect of parenting. But some parents are quite assertive in this regard. They tend to enforce rules and deny anything their children have to say. Although, it’s true that parent usually have better idea about disciplining the kids, listening to kids’ concerns basically encourages parents to tell them about the valid reason for the rules implementation. When kids understand the reason, they are more likely to follow the rule happily.

Push the pause button
Although you are very much positive in your parenting approach and your children are quite supportive, they are still the children who can misbehave. Sometimes, all of this becomes too exhaustive for the parents. Hence, they may need to take a break from everything. This is what we can call pushing the pause button. During this time, you can get out of the home in open air to have some deep breaths. You can find a lonely bench in a nearby park to sit and let your mind wander. When you will resume after this pause, you will be a refreshed person.

Don’t be a punitive parent
Parents are sometimes quite punitive when it comes to dealing with the kids who fail to follow the rules. Remember, children do not have their frontal cortex fully developed, and they are more likely to get distracted from the things they should be doing. Hence, it’s not something which should encourage parents to punish their kids. Instead, you can find some creative ways to tell your kids what’s wrong and what’s right. Moreover, you should also discuss alternatives if they find it hard to follow any specific rules.